Jody Porter: Close to the Sun


Jody Porter
Close to the Sun
(New Departure)

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Jody Porter’s name is usually synonymous with a guitar in Fountains of Wayne. Close to the Sun, which embraces Brit-Rock, changes everything. In this album Jody Porter is an entity of musical magic. There are channels of Jeff Beck, Oasis and The Beatles while still being original and captivating. There is no other way to describe it than to say the music swirls around you and has the ability to drown out everything near you. Your head is filled with guitars, bass, hard drums and vocals that almost feel like Porter’s tongue is in your ear. The track “You’re Not Alone” hits a place inside your music soul, for me at least, something that is very rare. This album is the perfect balance of having something to cling on to that is familiar but new enough that soon you won’t mind letting go. It is sexy music where you want to drape your arms over your date’s shoulders and sway until the sun comes up. In fact, if I was watching the sun come up there is no album I would rather be listening to.

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