Massive Attack @ Terminal 5, 5/11/10


I have to admit two things before we go any further: I don’t like Terminal 5, and I don’t like the new Massive Attack album. Still, this will be a good review.

Photo By Christine Thelen

I think the main reason I’m not such a fan of Terminal 5 is mostly due to the clubby feeling that surrounds it, as well as its awkward layout. Nonetheless, I find myself going there often because a lot of great artists play there, namely Massive Attack. Why do they go there? Everybody knows the best of venues are the smaller ones, but judging from the crowd and atmosphere there that night, Massive Attack is no band for a small venue.

Photo By Christine Thelen

Last seen in 2003-4 on their 100th Window tour, Massive Attack recently came out with their fifth studio album, Heligoland, an album that hinted at the days of yore but didn’t seem to jump as high.

That night, they appeared onstage, casual yet cool, cool yet polite. Their first few songs were so unbelievably satisfying because of how true they remained to their original sound, namely Mezzanine’s “Risingson” and “Teardrop,” 100th Window’s “Future Proof,” and Protection’s “Karmacoma.” I looked around me, and everyone was dancing. Nobody was pushing by me.  People were jovial.  Was this, in fact, a New York concert?

Photo By Christine Thelen

Throughout the show, the stage was alive with energy. Female vocalist Martina Topley-Bird danced herself into a trance in her blue sparkly dress while 3D and Daddy G focused heavily on their words and music. 3D moved around more, engaging the audience, while Daddy G was more of a solid sexy statue of absolute cool. Horace Andy even came onstage to sing songs such as “Man Next Door” (Mezzanine) and “Girl I Love You” (Heligoland). If you love them and don’t catch them the next time they are in town, you are crazy.

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