Paul White: Paul White and the Purple Brain


Paul White
Paul White and the Purple Brain
(Now Again Records)

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South London DJ-producer Paul White drops a new-age meditative hip hop rock concoction called Paul White and the Purple Brain. Following his debut album, Strange Dreams of Paul White and a mixtape, Sounds From The Skylight –both in 2009, White’s latest is mostly inspired by Scandinavian psych-rocker S.T. Mikael.

Though drenched in Eastern influences, the Purple Brain is essentially instrumental hip hop. With its strong beats; plenty of electric guitars and psychedelic head-nods, it’s rather dreamy, too. Nevertheless, noteworthy tracks are “Gentle Freak,” “My Guitar Whales,” “Bom Bom,” “Marshen Signals,” and “Mind My World.”

Paul White and the Purple Brain is available in stores as a CD and a 3LP-25-song set!

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