The Depreciation Guild: Spirit Youth

The Depreciation Guild
Spirit Youth
(Kanine Records)

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The Depreciation Guild’s sound mixes atmospheric rock with dream pop. Their latest album, Spirit Youth is an excellent mix of sweet vocals, noteworthy lyrics, and catchy tunes, cohesive throughout, but still eclectic. “My Chariot” is reminiscent of early Smashing Pumpkins and The Radio Dept. in a wholly original way, providing a solid and upbeat start to the album. Its main riff is not one that you’ll quickly get out or want out of your head. “Crucify You” follows in a similar fashion and despite the song’s title, it is beautiful rather than threatening.

The title track, “Spirit Youth” evokes the spirit of the entire album. It is relaxed, sweet, and sway worthy, while still maintaining a rock edge. The band knows exactly when to slow down, break down, and precisely how to build up again. They manage to sound full and rich even during the most stripped down sections of a song, and are keenly aware of the significance of pace. The vocals are never lost or drowned in the music, and the listener is willingly saturated in sound. “White Moth,” is an excellent showcase of the musical and vocal intricacies that The Depreciation Guild has to offer. Well used effects, rich layering, and harmonious melodies and vocals build a beautiful background for earnestly romantic lyrics. By the album’s end the listener is returned to a silence that has become unwelcome after the journey through Spirit Youth’s consistently gorgeous aural atmosphere.

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