THE SEX FILES: Pornstar Raven Alexis

Yes, I am a lucky guy (triple-time lucky at this point). I had the pleasure to speak with another of those beautifully engaging (or is that engagingly beautiful) ladies from the Digital Playground universe, this time the darkly alluring Raven Alexis. A startling intelligent lady (as has been my experience with all these D.P. beauties, they are all very smart with lots to say). Raven took time out from her busy day with her family and general business goings on’s to give me the scoop and skinny on what she does and what’s happening in her life.

I’m going to start this interview off a little bit differently, as I came across two websites for you recently, both www.ravenalexis.com and www.ravensplayhouse.com. Which one is the site your fans should be going to, the one you work on more?

Well you could go to either, really. On www.ravensplayhouse.com I put up a few years ago, when I was 19 actually, it features solo stuff mostly. www.ravenalexis.com is my premier site, the place where I put up stuff about my personal life, hot gonzo scenes, triple xxx, give daily updates about my life. Actually I’m re-launching it at the end of this month.

And for the movies you do, you have an exclusive contract with Digital Playground, right?

Yes, I am a Digital Playground girl and I love it. Before I signed to them I had done gonzo stuff on my own, fetish, whatever I wanted, but now I get to step into some of the best movies, with top performers in the industry. From those over-the-top scenes to even smaller vignettes, Digital Playground always presents you with the best script to work off of and the best stars. Their productions really are works of art.

And you find a good balance, your website and the work you do for Digital Playground?

Oh yes, everything works together perfectly. I have the website, what I want to do on there is fun and fresh and totally my ideas, then I have this one great company I am identified with. My fans see two distinct sides of me.

The movie I have been hearing a lot of buzz on is Body Heat, (if you have been keeping up with my  interviews with the D.P. girls, Body Heat is the latest big budget porn movie from the company, featuring firemen and women, real fire trucks, uniforms… hoses) I know you’re in that one, right?

Yes, Body Heat comes out in September. There are some incredible sex scenes in this movie. As always, Digital Playground has stepped it up where the action and realism is concerned. It’s going to be great.

You have a very interesting heritage (Raven is ¾ native American). How has that played in your career, good or bad?

It’s interesting that growing up I sometimes felt bad that I was almost fully native but always felt too light, too white. But really I love the way I look. With my high cheekbones from my background mixed with a wholesome all-American girl-next-door quality, I think I have a pretty unique look. My fans seem to like me, so whatever I am, I am proud of and whoever finds me hot, great.

You also have a refreshing outlook on porn and mainstream, care to expound on that?

Well, while I’m working hard on my regular acting lessons, expanding my horizons and my mainstream agent is out there looking for me, I’m very interested in breaking down the stereotypes and boundaries that separate porn from mainstream Hollywood. I want to prove to people we are just like anyone else; acting, writing, crew people, we all work in the same industry, really. So I am interested in mainstream but I’m not one of those porn stars who gets a start in porn, moves over to mainstream, then forgets her past. I want to do both at the same time.

But like many actors in your industry, whether in mainstream or porn, you don’t live in L.A.

Well I wanted to live close enough to L.A. that I could get in and out for work quickly, but still not live there, I like less traffic and not as rushed a lifestyle. I picked Las Vegas because it’s a 42 minute plane ride, and the airport here is a major hub and can get me anywhere I want to go in the world.

For more on Raven visit her sites http://www.ravenalexis.com/ and http://www.ravensplayhouse.com

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