THE SEX FILES: Testing Out Jimmyjane Vibrators


When I was a kid I used to really gravitate towards new toys; space toys were my favorite. In fact I have made it my adult quest to try and buy as many of those old spaceships, monsters and ray-guns as I can off of Ebay. Being a writer of sexy stuff though I do pass by quite a few toys, objects, even pieces of artwork of a more ‘adult’ nature and like I was as a kid (and still am as an adult) I gravitate towards the new and nifty.

Jimmyjane makes the new and nifty.

As you might have read last week, I interviewed Ethan Imboden, head honcho over at Jimmyjane. Ethan is a rather bright guy with some really cool ideas about the synergy between consumer and product producer and his vibrators (developed with his design collaborator Yves Behar) are about as far from sex toys as you’re ever likely to get. The People over at Jimmyjane were nice enough to send me two ‘Forms’ (pictured below) for my perusal and I am here to tell you, these things are amazing.

First, the Form 6. This is a waterproof rechargeable vibrating massager like no other. A weighted wand-like object the perfect length for fitting in your palm, with six different vibration modes and five different vibration levels, for each of the two ‘nodes’ (a large one, which is basically the base of the handle of the Form 6, and the smaller rounded tip of the thing). So you could ostensibly have the top of this vibrator vibrating in a wholly different way than the base, all at the same time. It also comes in a really neat case that doubles as a charger, is cordless of course with a very long lasting lithium battery and is considered an ‘intelligent’ vibrator in that the Form 6 remembers the last power level and vibration mode when it was turned off, which it will resume when turned back on!  As with all these Jimmyjane products the Form 6 is great to travel with as it has an automatic button lock feature that ensures accidental button pressing will not cause the vibrator to vibrate. This is the crème de crème’ of personal vibrators, elegant, substantial and quite powerful (phew, believe me!)

The Form 2, is a much smaller waterproof rechargeable vibrator. Hard to describe really (see the pic to your right) it fits in your palm but don’t let the smaller size of the thing fool you. In fact, the five vibration modes I believe are even more distinct than the bigger Form 6 (especially the wickedly seductive “Thrum”). If you look at the ‘fingers’ of the Form 2 you can actually see them pulsating with the different vibration modes and like the Form 6 and I dare say probably the rest of the Jimmyjane vibrator line, the variable speeds here range from tickling to damn near atomic! That intelligent feature is built into the Form 2 as well.

Rest assured these are not your daddy’s vibrators (had your dad had one back in the day) these Jimmyjane Forms are state of the art, works of art. Not that I am trying every product on the market and true there are some that are cheaper in price, still I have yet to come across a company in the adult field keeping to such a specific aesthetic while producing such high quality personal products.

Sometimes I just got to give the old spaceman a rest, ya know?

Check here for all the Jimmyjane stuff:

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