Future of the Left: Travels With Myself and Another

Future of The Left
Travels With Myself And Another

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This ferociously British alt-rock band builds a blazing rock and roll bonfire on their second album and lets it rage without any regard for what or whom it consumes. Diminished here are the synths that raised critical eyebrows on their first record, and amplified are blazing sparks of guitars and thick, grizzly growls of bass. The amount of raw power and frantic energy that sizzles out of their catchy hooks is staggering and lingers in the mind just as long as their choruses. There’s a definitive seething anger permeating the album that is cut with an attitude of playful drunkenness as singer Andy “Falco” Falkous flails and shouts like a madman. Openers “Arming Eritrea” and “Chin Music” set the tone for the wildness to come. Jolting staccato rhythms hammer through “Throwing Bricks At Trains” and the shouted responses of the refrain. The deceptively friendly pop vibe of “Yin/Post-Yin” snakes underneath a fuzzed out guitar and synth and Falkous’ raspy shout. “Drink Nike” scratches and kicks as it builds up from muddy low ends to sparkling bright highs. A repeated acoustic riff that starts “Lapsed Catholics” is brutally ripped away by a torrent of sound every bit as furious as the barbs hurled at its subject matter. As blistering and “get out of my way” as this album feels, there’s an undeniable sense of questioning one’s own humanity and importance to the larger society in the lyrics, particularly in “I Am Civil Service” and the buzzing, gurgly “You Need Satan More Than He Needs You.” Overall though, this is an album for partying to, gearing up for mischief—whether on a small or large scale—to, or for doing some serious drinking to.

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