Glass Ghost: Idol Omen


Glass Ghost
Idol Omen
(Western Vinyl)

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Idol Omen is a sensational, electro-rock album full of unexpected surprises. On the first listen, Brooklyn duo Glass Ghost (Mike Johnson and Elliot Krimsky) seemed a bit generic; everyone’s making music from their computers these days. Krimsky’s falsetto also irked me a bit, when his vocals and keyboard playing began sounding eerily similar to that of Ben Folds and Daniel Johnston. However, after a few listens the album grew on me.

While Idol Omen seems to have a morose, somber theme to it, the mood would be better classified as darkly humorous, with a dash of banality and a spark of unforeseen spontaneity. (Think, Paul Thomas Anderson’s film Punch-Drunk Love.)

The first track that caught my attention and where I thought the vocals worked well was “Divisions,” which also had a Yeasayer-ish vibe. “Like a Diamond,” one of the released tracks, is by far my favorite on this album, with Krimsky’s voice perfectly accompanying the keyboard. “What I’ve Seen” doesn’t seem to know where it’s going musically, but refreshingly catches a beat after a slow start. “Ending” is a creepy yet uplifting track worth listening to.

The album features guest stars Luke Temple and Joan Wasser, while Johnson participates with electronic drums. Overall, Idol Omen seems to be an album about an ordinary man who’s slowly coming to terms with the numbness that his life now contains.

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