Matrix Biolage Thermal-Active Stylers


The humidity we face on a regular basis presents a major challenge to those of us who prefer smooth hair, be it courtesy of hot subway platforms or simply stepping out of your apartment, leaving no other option besides investing in anti-frizz products. Even with those, moderately effective products must be armed with hair dryers, curling irons and flat irons galore. It should therefore come as no surprise that not only are our tresses at risk due to the harsh rays of the sun and humidity of the air, but they also face the threat of damage by the very tools we look to to fight the elements. That said, it is still too soon to declare our situation to be a “no win.”

Matrix professional products offers additional tools for the arsenal with it’s new BIOLAGE Thermal-Active Stylers made with “Cera Heat Technology,” a combination of heat-activated ingredients that includes mango seed and coconut oils. Seems like we may even be able to turn to nature in order to fight nature.

Therma-Active Repair cream is meant to be used with all hair types to protect against hair damage caused by exposure to excessive heat (think: hair dryer, iron, etc.). The downside is that it is yet another product to fill the cabinet and layer on the hair follicle, seeing as it protects hair, but doesn’t necessarily offer shine or frizz control. That said, it sure does smell nice in offering a nice fresh-from-the-salon-scent. Overall, Matrix boasts that this product protects and repairs, offers a “light hold” for “smooth control” (huh?), prevents split ends and breakage, and – and this one is pretty cool and I believe true having tried it – disperses heat evenly for a faster blow-out. Any means by which to shorten the morning routine must score major points.

Add also the Shine Endure Spritz, intended to set hair and add shine. The spritz is made with StrongStem Technology to keep your ‘do in place as a finishing touch for your now frizz and heat-damage-free style. This one doesn’t smell as nice, meaning it must be made with serious ingredients and be absent of any excess odor-neutralizing/beautifying excesss. When combating no-nonsense Mother nature and heating tools, serious retaliation must be in order.

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