Melissa Auf Der Maur: Out Of Our Minds

Melissa Auf Der Maur
Out Of Our Minds
(Spitunia Music)

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The 38-year-old fiery haired pixie, who once seduced depressed boys of Seattle as a bassist for Hole and Smashing Pumpkins, is reemerging as a DIY artist with the help of Vikings. It was six years ago when Melissa Auf Der Maur (MAdM) released her first solo album under Capitol Records. Now, MAdM is on her own once again, except she’s no longer under a major label. Fortunately, MAdM was secretly working on her sophomore effort and chose to release it three years later since its completion in 2007. The Canadian artist is back with Out Of Our Minds (OOOM) and is fighting her way with an exciting collection of otherworldly melodies that’s sure to captivate mere mortals.

Many will be surprised to discover that OOOM, which sounds like a Valkyrie chant, is fueled by a manpower of notable musicians all uniting to tell a tale of paradise, muses, and pirates. Some of the collaborators include David Bowie’s pianist Mike Garson and Misfits founder Glenn Danzig. Despite its star-studded lineup, OOOM opens up with “The Hunt,” a heart-pounding instrumental single highlighting MAdM’s orgasm-reaching moans. It’s hard to tell whether you’re in the middle of a bloody battlefield or lost in her lair, but audiences will happily listen to find out.

“If there’s a fire, a need, a desire, are you willing and able to set the stakes higher,” questions MAdM in the album’s self titled track, an enchanting single filled with haunting, brooding vocals that can best be described as feel-good goth pop. “Isis Speaks” is fueled by thunderous beats of fusing guitars and drumming fronted by an Amazonian choir. “Under my tongue, I carry a tune” MAdM declares in “1000 Years” a finale where one’s death and another’s birth creates the music the world needs to hear.

MAdM previously announced that OOOM will be a lifelong project and we couldn’t be more thankful. Rather than following in the footsteps of past legends, she’s creating an action-packed future that not even the mightiest warriors can tame.

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