Music Review: Runaway Dorothy


Runaway Dorothy
The Arc
(Astor Music Group)

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Runaway Dorothy is a friend comforting you, a hand on your shoulder, a hug, and maybe even a kiss. The Arc has the ability to sneak into your head and release thoughts you didn’t even know you possessed. David Parnell is the lead singer that lets his words fly. The groups various websites constantly pound out that Parnell is comparable to Bob and Jakob Dylan. As this is a bitter pill to swallow it can be seen true by many people. Even if you shake your head and think this may be impossible, it is very easy to find the love in every song. “Say” is embracing and the soft song cradles its words with care around the lulling instrumentals. One song that I played repeatedly and analyzed up and down was “Takes a Lot of Love.” Finally I caught myself, I found that every time I played a piece of this song I ended up making it a soundtrack to a piece of my life. Either Runaway Dorothy has the potential to become the soundtrack to your life too, or crush you under its emotional weight.

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