Our Last Night: We Will All Evolve

Our Last Night
We Will All Evolve
(Epitaph Records)

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New Hampshire’s Our Last Night garnered a lot of attention early in their formation, especially given the young ages of it’s band members. On their new release, We Will All Evolve, they prove again why they’ve been able to quickly build up a nice fanbase that is growing. One listen leaves little doubt that these guys can play their instruments. The quality of songs are a different story.

It isn’t that the song writing is terrible or even bad. My main dilemma with the music is that it isn’t anything we haven’t heard before…several times over. It follows the cookie cutter formula used by the already over populated Screamo/Metalcore scene. That usually means harsh vocals on the verses and then clean for the chorus. That wouldn’t be a problem as many high quality bands have adopted that style these days, only that with many bands like Our Last Night it’s a formula that leaves no room for variation. About half way through the album it’s near impossible to distinguish one song from another.

Killswitch Engage has already perfected this sound, although their harder edge lumps them in with more straight forward metal acts. Other bands like Atreyu, From Autumn To Ashes, Chiodos and early Avenged Sevenfold already covered ground Our Last Night currently treads. Some were smart to evolve and hopefully, given Our Last Night’s musical abilities, We Will All Evolve applies to their music as well.

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