Tucked away on the second floor of an unassuming building in the heart of SoHo is Hibba NYC, an organic hair removal salon. Options include threading, sugaring and Azulene wax, all of which boast natural ingredients and promise effective, gentle results.

I recently made my way to 448 W. Broadway on a rainy day and met Hibba herself, who learned threading in India at age thirteen and began performing professional threading services in New York at age seventeen. She used her experience as a “browologist” and her degree in finance to open Hibba NYC.

I made my way to Hibba not just to write this review, but also because I was on a mission. My last waxing experience left me less than pleased and with uneven eyebrows. Although all my friends swore they couldn’t tell, every time I looked in the mirror, all I could see were two uneven eyebrows staring back at me. I was in desperate need of Hibba’s help.

Whereas waxing removes every hair with one big rip (and one big hope that it comes out okay), threading allows more control when it comes to brow shaping.  Threading removes one line at a time, allowing technicians to make adjustments as they go.

When I arrived, Hibba politely confirmed my fears regarding the lack of symmetry on my face. I immediately asked that she even them out, but, being the professional, she explained that my right eyebrow was so deformed that to even them out would cause me to have two off-center brows. Instead, she told me she would clean both brows up, but suggested I actually let my right brow grow in a bit, and then come back to have her shape them both correctly.

I truly appreciate an aesthetician who doesn’t blindly and poorly do what I ask, but instead guides me to do what will essentially look best.

Hibba NYC is located on the second floor of 448 West Broadway, between West Houston and Prince Street. Eyebrow threading is $15 for a single service, or you can buy a pack of 10 for $120. Visit them online at: Hibbabeauty.com.

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