The Daily Shortlist August 12


Location: Upper West Side, NYC
Event: The International Body Music Festival
Show time: 7:30 PM
Venue: Lincoln Center
Food: Symposium
Drink: Broadway Dive
Miscellaneous: Sip

As part of Lincoln Center’s Out of Doors Festival, The International Body Music Festival features contemporary and traditional body music styles from all over the Americas. Low priced anything near Columbia University is getting harder to find, but at Symposium, you’ll get Greek food that won’t force you to take a mortgage out. The Pastitsio (baked macaroni with ground meat $9.95) is out of this world. Not the kind of dive bar you’re thinking, though Broadway Dive has a single malt scotch and bourbon menu big enough that you won’t even know where you are after a few. A coffee bar that also serves liquor, tapas, and baked goods all in one place? Sip sounds good to me.

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