The Infesticons: Bedford Park


The Infesticons
Bedford Park
(Big Dada Records)

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The Infesticons is one of many projects by underground rapper Mike Ladd. You could definitely call Bedford Park underground rap but it’s a lot more than that. Ladd combines rap with punk, funk, electronica, and more to create a really exciting set of songs. Every song is an anthem. Literally. The word “anthem” appears at the end of every song title. “Blockin’ Door Anthem” flies out of the gate with a driving beat and video game sound effects. “Get Along Anthem” is pure punk and “Kick Anthem” is probably the best of the rockers. It has great energy, chant-along lyrics, and some crazy bongos. The slow ones aren’t as good as the fast ones but they are still pretty good and give the album some welcome variety. The best thing about Bedford Park’s mellower moments is that you get to hear Ladd’s singing voice which is really quite good and just as impressive as his angry rapping. Take “Forever Anthem” for instance. Ladd croons soulfully over a track that sounds like something off of Kid A and easily outshines the other vocalist on the track. Bedford Park is for people with a wide range of tastes but be warned, he is called an “underground rapper” for a reason. These aren’t the kinds of jams you hear on mainstream radio. If your interest in rap is diverse however, this album is certainly worth your time.

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