The Kids In The Hall: Death Comes To Town on IFC August 20th


The Kids In The Hall are back once more with an oddly compelling, ridiculously offbeat, and entirely Canadian new 8 part series entitled Death Comes To Town beginning on August 20 at 10pm on IFC.  While it may not make you laugh out loud, it’s certainly humorous and was written by all five original members who each portray a host of different characters.

The serial 30-minute episodes follow the grim reaper’s entrance into the small fictional town of Shuckton, Ontario and the subsequent murder of the town’s larger than life Clintonesque mayor who has the town excited about a potential 2028 Olympic bid.  What follows is debauchery, bizarreity, and of course death if the grim reaper can redeem himself and overcome his weakness for chubby redheads.  What’s most surprising about the series is how this narrative format changes the feel of the comedy troupe’s work and while it certainly stays true to the spirit of the original Kids television show, the characters and storyline have a greater role.  The Independent Film Channel is the perfect home for this series because while it certainly won’t appeal to the masses, fans of the Kids In The Hall should love it and even as it takes a turn for the grotesque at times there is always some allure for the comic film buff.

The series is an unapologetically sophomoric and offensive yet somehow redeeming comic look at small town Canadian life through the Kids In The Hall’s outlandish microscope.

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