THE SEX FILES: Getting to know Savanna Samson

New York native, adult film star Savanna Samson is a true Renaissance woman. Besides those high-end super selling movies she stars in for the mega-popular Vivid Entertainment (25 in all at this counting), the lady is a dancer, singer, writer and winemaker (and this is just a few of the things the beautiful blonde is into). A frequent guest on Howard Stern, Savanna began her ‘adult’ career dancing at the world-infamous Scores right here in Manhattan where she still makes her home. I had the distinct pleasure to spend some time with this 2-time AVN award winner and learn a little more about this uniquely talented lady

I have spoken to girls in the business who live out in L.A., Arizona, etc. but it seems to me you’re a die hard New Yorker.

I fly to L.A. to work but come back here for normalcy. I have thought about having a house in Beverly Hills while maintaining my apartment here, but I’m not so wrapped up into the whole fantasy of being n L.A. I’m a New York girl.

I was looking at the latest The Devil In Miss Jones The Resurrection movie, wondering what it felt like to step into such a well-known porn franchise (Vivid owns the rights to the Devils’ movies presently)

Amazing, anything you do with Vivid is going to be first class. But I know what you mean about the history of these films. I didn’t want to see the original movie before we made ours though, as I wanted to make my performance my own, but I did see it after. When you talk about those movies though the thing people really remember is the snakes, so all I heard was: “when are you gonna fuck the snake?” But I don’t like snakes.

That must have been a problem.

Well the thing is; they keep the snakes in an air-conditioned container until they need them. But when they put them on you your natural body heat warms them up and they begin to respond. The crew had to pick them up and put them back on me and I was so horrified. I finally let out this scream…which they actually kept to use at the end of the movie!

Well, let’s hope there’s no more snakes in your future (she laughs). But how many more movies do you see yourself making, how long do you think you’ll be in the business?

Well my contract is coming to an end soon, but Vivid has been such a marvelous company to work with; it’s just that I have been in this for eight years now and I have so many other things going on I might not be in front of the camera so much in the future.

And one of those other things you have going on is your wine making. (Savanna’s Sogno Uno wine received a 91 rating from wine expert Robert M. Parker on its release in 2006)

Yes, I have put out three vintages so far and I’m coming out with another by year’s end.

How did you ever get into wine making?

When I was a little girl we made wine in my basement. My sisters and I took turns crushing the grapes. I really don’t know all that much about wine making, but traveling in Italy and France I saw some great vineyards and began fantasizing about having one of my own.

And your wines are made in Italy, right?

Yes, made and bottled there.

And your other projects, tell me about them.

Well I have been active on my webcam site, I have also been developing PornStarPoker which is just about to launch as well.

And there is your music career as well (Savanna released an album in 2009).

I haven’t really done anything with my music career for a while. My record label was bought so I don’t’ really know what’s going on there. I have some great songs written but really I’ve been so busy with everything else…right now after we talk I am actually running out to do a photo shoot.

And then there’s your mainstream stuff. You were on 3o Rock right?

Yes, that was so much fun, everyone there was asking for my autograph. And I am in a movie called Exposure which will be out soon.

You definitely are a busy lady. One last question I’d be remiss not asking, seeing as you are a New York girl. How do you spend your time when you’re in town, anything specific you like to see or do?

I love the opera, shows, museums, restaurants. I really love this city, the energy of it. I couldn’t really live anyplace else in the world.

You can catch Savanna and many more amazing adult stars in the equally amazing Vivid titles at: www.vivid.com and her personally at www.savannacam.com and her wines at www.savannasamsonwine.com

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