Von Haze: Von Haze

Von Haze
Von Haze
(Hippos In Tanks)

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Even though the new, self-titled EP from Von Haze includes only six songs, the psychedelic tracks swirl on for just under half an hour, making the album as satisfying as a full-length.

The first half of the EP channels slowcore, with churning drum machines providing a backdrop for minimalist bass and guitar. Travis Caine and Katherine Kin’s vocals mingle, sometimes becoming interchangeable, making the group sound remarkably similar to Low on tracks like “Sooner or Later.”

The second half of the album, however, is straight indie rock, picking up the pace and energy to a point where it seems like a different band. “Sad Girls” in particular sounds a lot like The White Stripes, retaining a sort of simplicity while still forming a catchy rock song.

If this EP is any indication of what to expect from an LP by this duo, then they certainly deserve to make their way into the spotlight very soon. Since their sound is already mature and distinguished, they really only need a few more songs to provide some balance between their lo-fi and up-tempo songs.

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