DJ Rap: Synthesis


DJ Rap
(Ministry of Sound)

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Known foremost as a drum n’ bass and house DJ, UK-bred but LA-based rapper and electronic producer DJ Rap (Charissa Saverio) releases her fourth studio album, Synthesis on the famed Ministry of Sound label. Let’s get one thing straight: Synthesis is definitely a club record, however it’s a mixture of other moods and sounds as well. On the rock-influenced “Open Your Eyes,” we’re given some crazy guitar-shreds, and on “I Wouldn’t Change A Thing” we’re intro’d with a sweet piano solo.

With many years behind the decks, now Charissa is stepping forward as a singer as well. On Synthesis she showcases her vocals alongside live instrumentation –which to be honest, is quite interesting on a dance album. In this regard, the album is eclectic in terms of the overall feel and sound; its moody especially, which I suspect is the goal of an artist who’s had many ups and downs in her fifteen years in the music business.

Nonetheless, DJ Rap has been on the scene since the mid-90s producing, DJing, singing, and writing her own music as well as her own path in the music world. Her most well-received album, 1999’s Learning Curve sold over a million copies, which is unheard of for a dance record.

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