Hide Blemishes with Alima Pure Concealer

Alima Pure concealer ($10) in Amber is like a Sudoku puzzle; tricky to manage at first, but with intensely satisfying results. The main source of difficulty is in its formulation. It is an opaque powder, so it can apply thickly and is near impossible to blend, leaving you with small yellowy patches on your skin. With the proper technique and tools, you will succeed. To begin with, Alima Pure concealer is best used over foundation, not bare skin. To apply the concealer to a pimple (which it works wonders for, as the powder-format sits on the raised skin, rather than sliding off like liquid formulas, hiding the pimple perfectly; the yellow color of the Amber concealer also cancels out any redness), I used an eye shadow applicator. Less really is more here. I used the sponge to pick up tiny clumps of powder and dot them straight onto coverage areas, blending out ‘patches’ with my fingertips. Alima Pure concealer in Amber also works well when used in a more general manner, swept indiscriminately across the face, as the yellow tint eradicates redness, thus evening out your complexion. The main benefits of Alima Pure concealer are its natural look, long-lasting coverage, reduction of oil and shine, and its complete lack of negative effects upon the skin.

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