Past Lives: Tapestry of Webs


Past Lives
Tapestry of Webs
(Suicide Squeeze Records)

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Tapestry of Webs is an experimental masterpiece. Throughout the album, Jordan Blilie’s vocal delivery is as distinctive as ever, adding an even more dramatic energy to the sound of complex, intricate guitar work.

“Paralyzer” is somewhat calm and completely haunting as clean guitars closely follow the vocal melodies.  “Falling Spikes” delivers a strangely pleasing clash between guitars, vocals, and everything else. On “Hex Takes Hold,” guitars, horns, and everything else hold on tightly to the relentless, tribal dance beat. “Past Lives” is another example of gorgeously-unique and poetic lyrics, set in contrast against groaning guitars, with fuzzy bass lines and drums that push everything to new depths.

The second half of the album is a noticeable departure from the first, yet somehow the transition occurs smoothly. The finale, “There is a Light So Bright it Blinds” has yet another cool, tribal backbeat. It sounds haunting, hopeful, sad, and bright all at the same time.

Tapestry of Webs is evidence of the band’s musical experience, and with jolting rhythms and unique guitars, it still bravely ventures into the experimental.

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