Pirate Love: Black Vodoun Space Blues


Pirate Love
Black Vodoun Space Blues
(Voodoo Rhythm Records)

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An exciting rock and roll trip from first to final note, Pirate Love’s Black Vodoun Space Blues is full of strange, dark sounds, catchy, fist-pumping choruses, and garage rock-heavy riffs. It never stops moving, seldom slows down, and its subtle complexities are not to be ignored.

Vocalist David Al Dajani, who is accurately listed as “voice (of the night)” on the band’s Myspace page, conveys a range of emotions through screams and singing, sometimes favoring sounds over words.

On “Sick of You,” organ synths mesh together good old fashioned rock and roll guitars backed by solid drums. It quiets down only to build back up to a riotous chorus. “In a Dirty Cellar” with its screams, moans, and bouncy beats, all held together by catchy synths, delivers a charmingly dirty sound.

Things finally slow down on “Death Trip,” a standout track, with echoing guitars and vocals, which surround you with sound, while keeping the mood creepy and calculated. “Ain’t Nothing to Do (A Kiss Hello)” is another standout with its contagious chorus. In its entirety, this album is a strong dose of “rock and roll medicine” with touches of sleaze, glam and psychedelia.

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