Urban Decay Pocket Rocket Lip Gloss


Urban Decay is one of my favorite make-up lines. Beyond being a cruelty-free company that offers more than a few vegan options, I find their products to be consistently high in quality. Beyond that, they embrace a fun and carefree attitude that comes through in everything from their marketing to their product design. That exact mind-set is embodied, almost to a fault, in their Pocket Rocket Lip Gloss.

I recently tried this product in Sheer Nude – the lip gloss is quite fantastic; another knockout hit for summer that provides just enough shine and color and has more staying power than similar products I have tried. However, the container features images of men (including Colin and Max, each of whom won an amateur “manhunt” contest to be featured on the lid of the product). When you tilt the lid, the men flash between wet suits and bathing suit, or fireman getup and underwear, reminding me of novelty nudie pens. While I’m sure this effect does speak to a certain market, it doesn’t really appeal to me, and actually made me a bit self-conscious about pulling the gloss out at bars. I eventually embraced the camp of it, and my friends and I started to have a laugh about it, but I would personally enjoy a non Colin-covered option. The tube is also said to contain pheromones that can be released by rubbing, but I didn’t test this option.

In the end though, it’s a great product that features Hyaluronic Spheres, which have been known to improve cell structure and fill in fine-lines.  It’s light, provides the exact coverage I’m looking for in summer lip gloss, and has a deliciously sweet smell that isn’t too overpowering. Urban Decay Pocket Rocket Lip Gloss can be picked up for $19 at Sephora, ULTA and Macy’s. You can also order them online at Beauty.com and UrbanDecay.com.

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