Clark’s Botanicals Skin-Lightening Kojic Cream


Clark’s Botanicals Skin-Lightening Kojic Cream is worth every penny of its steep $86 price tag.  Although costly, the container is large, so the value is fairly high. But most importantly, the product works!

Every evening before bed, I used the face cream and within five days, three small, dark spots on my cheek vanished. Not only that, but the product also improved the clarity of my skin tone and regulated oil production. Generally, I have oily skin that varies from the T-zone to the cheeks. After applying the yellow, gel product, my skin was left feeling moisturized all over. The next morning, my skin was clear and evenly toned, and the oil on my face was greatly reduced.

The primary ingredients include licorice, glycolic acid, cucumber, jasmine, and algae. Although I feel that it’s the jasmine that does the trick, I still like to call it my “Miracle Cream.”

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