Doey Rock: Mind Candy Re-Wrapped


Doey Rock
Mind Candy Re-Wrapped

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Doey Rock’s latest release, Mind Candy Re-wrapped, is a more-than-worthy insurgence of Cali-rap with bass-rattling drum beats and awesome lyrical prowess. Although, at times, the album can be farcical, it can also be terribly serious.  Doey Rock’s vocal delivery is always a rare gift of poetry and power.

“Doe’s Diner” uses cuisine as a way to illustrate his dominance as an MC. With a fair number of humorous interludes, the appeal of this album is two-fold. “Divorce the Struggle,” featuring Black Zeek and Mark Knoxx, brilliantly smoothes out soulful, layered vocals for the chorus, over sturdy, grandstanding keyboards that shimmer like glitter.

The most appealing aspect of Doey Rock is his ability to relate to anyone who has tried to maintain a level of artistry with both success and responsibility.  Doey Rock is trying his best at everything—love, relationships, providing for his family—while still relying on the power of a positive attitude.

“Finish Line” is electro-hyphy fuel that bounces nicely over a robotic chorus, while “Murder Miami” introduces a ride-or-die chick who would do anything to show her loyalty. Guest artist Raekwon discusses fame and making it in the industry on the uplifting song “Sunset Strip,” which is full of delirious, sharp harp strings and thriving, low-end bass and drums.

Even though Doey Rock could sell records even if he just recited words from the dictionary, with Mind Candy Rewrapped, the crucial element is his extraordinary writing.

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