Fancy Up Your Fall Wardrobe with Feather Details


Unless you’re particularly fond of fashion risks, you may turn up your nose at the thought of feather details. You’re probably thinking, sure, feathers were fashionable once… back when flappers were the pinnacle of style and social edginess. But much like fur, feathers are slowly but surely making their comeback into the realm of what’s considered haute, making their way on bags, jewelry, and even skirt hemlines. No, despite whatever horrific images are flooding your head at the moment, feather trim won’t necessarily make you look like an ice skater, a Vegas showgirl, or Bjork in one of the most epic red carpet disasters in fashion history. In fact, when done right (read: less is more), the look is slightly boho, kind of earthy, yet at the same time adds just the right touch of extra drama. It’s not necessarily easy to pull off, but then again, didn’t the thought of faux fur sound completely heinous when it hit the racks again last year? Just don’t get carried away if you find yourself loving the look despite all your preconceived notions — I’m pretty sure the fashion world isn’t quite ready to bring back the feather boa. Pictured above: Opening Ceremony Two-Tone Full Skirt, Rebecca Taylor Fly Away Feather-Hem Dress, Forever 21 Tribal Beaded Necklace, and Diane Von Furstenberg Marlene Evening Bag.

-Alex Gambardella
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