Film: Prayer to a Vengeful God


Drugs, silence, agony, and fittingly vengeance are at the heart of Dan Eberle’s new film, Prayer to a Vengeful God, which hits theaters October 8th.  The film is a raw and guttural look at the nature of revenge and with nearly no dialogue it might be best compared to a European art house interpretation of David Fincher’s Fight Club with less social commentary and more personal angst.

In addition to producing the film, Eberle directs and plays the main character, John Krause, an average man who has his world taken away from him after a home invasion which leads to the death of his wife Jennifer (Jennifer Farrugia) and months in a coma.   He later descends into the New York drug underworld in an attempt to find retribution for his wife’s death and learns how tough the life, and vengeance, can be.

The score by Bob Hart fits the visuals to a tee, not surprising considering Eberle spent years as a jazz guitarist before getting involved in film, and the film is at its essence a visual poem.  The content may not be for everyone but the harsh unrelenting tone of the film leaves a definite impact.  The film an official selection of The Royal Flush Film Festival which will present a showing at 7PM on Thursday, October 14th at The Knitting Factory in Brooklyn.

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