H2O Plus Anti-Acne Calming Corrector


The ocean has long been a place of mystery, a natural resource, and, in recent times, a place from which skin care products are derived. H2O Plus is a “sea derived” skin care line founded in 1989 with its trademark sea foam green packaging.

Though we’re still waiting to see what the long-term results are of these products, there is something convincing about the H2O Plus Anti-Acne Calming Corrector ($24, .85 fl. oz.). The daily serum works to heal acne scars, decrease acne shine, redness, irritation and inflammation. The essential ingredients include algin for anti-inflammation, glycolic acid for exfoliation, salicylic acid for penetrating sebum, and zinc sulfate to reduce redness. Unlike other acne gels, this product works as either an all-over treatment or a targeted treatment.

Since I don’t have acne-prone skin, I circulated this product among friends, which resulted in my email inbox bursting with glowing reviews. I consistently heard that it does not dry out your skin, like other topical treatments.  My friends also said that they were willing to pay $24 for the “little miracle.”

While there is a lot of excitement over the cosmetic benefits of marine-derived products, H2O Plus backs up their products with proven, coveted results.

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