Herra Terra: Quiet Geist


Herra Terra
Quiet Geist Review
(The Mylene Sheath)

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While the whole 80’s new wave-meets-punk genre has been done and redone consistently in the past few years, something about Herra Terra’s new electro-rock album is refreshingly tangible, yet atmospheric. The lyrics seem to represent time lost, a bleak future, and good memories gone sour. Still, Quiet Geist doesn’t ask for introspection or analysis. Instead, it asks you to simply let go, live in the moment, and embrace disillusionment.

The album opens with “Ejection Seats,” which initially seems to lack potential until we hear Tonelli’s vocals lead into the chorus, combined with ripping bass and twisted percussion. This track, which is one of my favorites, is the perfect opener and sets the tone for what’s to come. “Nothing Is Yours to Keep” is ambient bliss, while “Symbiotic Spires” could be on the Donnie Darko soundtrack.

Frequently, I found myself getting lost in the infectious vocals and whirlwind of sound that could be described as New Order-meets-30 Seconds to Mars, with a bit of Beatsteaks mixed in. This album works wonders whether listening to it through headphones in your bedroom on a rainy night, at a seedy bar while drinking your depressive blues away, or at a club with pulsing strobe lights and fog machines.

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