Iggy Pop & James Williamson: Kill City


Iggy Pop & James Williamson Kill City (Remastered) (Bomp Records) Buy it at Amazon! Buy it at Insound! In 1973 Iggy Pop and the Stooges released Raw Power, one of the most beloved punk albums of all time. In 1977 he put out his first two solo albums, which are considered highly influential masterpieces. However, in between those two albums, he and his guitarist/sidekick James Williamson recorded an album that many forget about. The album, Kill City, has recently undergone the remixing and remastering process. Hopefully now, people will discover it for the first time or rediscover it and remember what’s so good about it. The new mixes sound great but not too great—after all, you don’t want a crisp, clean Iggy Pop record; things are supposed to be a little sloppy. There aren’t any bonus tracks like you usually find on re-releases, but that’s ok. These songs are more than enough for anyone to enjoy. The title track is a nasty bit of punk, as is the rambunctious “Consolation Prizes.” Iggy experiments with his sound considerably here, paving the way for the direction he would take on his solo albums, with prominent saxophone and piano music. The Stooges may have thrown sax on a few tracks, but generally only to add to the atonal chaos. Here it adds jazzy flavor to songs like “Sell Your Love” and “Johanna.” Some of the songs, such as the ballad “No Sense of Crime” and the swaggering title cut, seem to have a Rolling Stones influence. But none of these outside influences change the fact that it’s Iggy’s album and he’s right there doing his thing. His boozy croon is often more melodic than it’s been in the past but his lyrics are as gritty as ever. On their last tour, Iggy and the Stooges finally started including some Kill City songs into their set lists with great results. While not a true Stooges album, it was co-written by James Williamson. The two have given the album another chance and are digging these songs that have may have been forgotten. Now is a good time for you to give it another chance too.

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