Magic Kids: Memphis


Magic Kids
(True Panther Sounds)

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Tennessee-based group Magic Kids brings a bit of vintage, Beach Boys-style sunshine to the masses with their debut album Memphis. Horns, strings, and keys are integrated into the songs just as casually as guitar and drums, giving the band an extraordinary range of sound. Each of the album’s eleven songs is packed with great sound and enthusiasm, making Memphis half-an-hour of pop-rock delight. Fans of twee bands like Belle & Sebastian or folk acts such as Mumford & Sons can find elements of Magic Kids’ music that will have them smiling along with this young act.
There are no lulls in quality on Memphis, but some songs do stand out as places to start if anyone is curious about sampling the band’s combination of modern fun and classic sounds. “Hideout” is cinematic in its ability to incorporate orchestral music with moments that summon clapping from the listener. “Hey Boy” sounds like it’s tugged straight out of the ‘60s with its male and female vocals about receiving hugs and kisses, backed with quiet chimes and an infectious pop beat. Although any song on the album would be representative of the entire album, the tracks are best taken in a continuous dose, admired as a complete work by an enthusiastic, intelligent group on the rise.

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