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Restless People: Restless People

Restless People
Restless People

If members of indie, funk, and electro bands decided to hold hands and jump into a pool together, they might be inspired to sound something like Restless People. The members of the Brooklyn quartet have kicked around the scene in different projects for some time, but their friendship lets them assemble songs that are neat and fluid, almost sounding more like remixes than album tracks. There’s the right mix of repetition and fresh elements to keep the listener intrigued while not worrying about deep lyrics when they could get moving on a dance floor. This fusion of styles works well on most tracks, particularly “Little Sky,” with its delicate synth interjections and clattering percussion and “Practical Magic,” flirting with dub before picking up the pace. However, sometimes the electronic sounds can go a bit too far. Opener “Days of Our Lives” sounds too much like every club mix released in the ‘90s and could put off some listeners, myself included at first. However, if you stick with Restless People long enough, it does develop its own sound and pays off.

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