The Black Heart Procession: Blood Bunny/Black Rabbit


The Black Heart Procession
Blood Bunny/Black Rabbit
(Temporary Residence Ltd.)

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The Black Heart Procession is back, with another ominous album that mixes fright, electronica and a rhythm that seems like it’s out to get you.

Tracks like “Blank Page” are drastic and heavy, making them sound a lot like VNV Nation. The track pounds on like a weight, pushing listeners down. Tracks like “Devotion” still bring a dredging weight, but with a little bit lighter feel. Lyrics like “I’ve got so much to say to you/Devotion, obsession” connect to listeners with slight reggae influences. The song feels like the kind of obsession it presents.

“Drugs” keeps the electronic synth machine alive with a crawling beat. Mixing a little bit of glitch with echoing lyrics, this track feels like an indie dream. The album’s best track, however, is “The Orchid,” which features piano work mixed with a church processional sound.

The Black Heart Procession has made their message clear: they are here.

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