In Transit at Primary Stages at 59E59 Theatres

(L-R) Denise Summerford, Hanna Laird, Steve French, Tommar Wilson Graham Stevens, with Chesney Snow (rear). Photo credit: James Leynse.

In Transit epitomizes the New York state of mind: always on the go, aiming to be, choosing to become –something, someone, someday. It is an eventful life. With direction by Joe Calarco and musical direction by Mary-Mitchell Campbell, the a cappella musical follows the lives of an actress, a financier, a beatboxer, a cabbie, and many other characters that are searching, discovering and ultimately realizing that though New York is a hard and distant place at times, it is still quite magical and fantastically wondrous.

Intermixing the sounds of the underground with rapping, beatboxing, pop, soul, humor and spot-on scenes, Steve French (Bass), Celisse Henderson (Alto), Hannah Laird (Soprano/Ali), Chesney Snow (Boxman), Graham Stevens (Baritone/Nate), Denise Summerford (Mezzo/Jane) and Tommar Wilson (Tenor/Trent), hone in on some major character flaws and contradictions most everyone –at least, at some point, has dealt with while living in this concrete jungle: homosexuality (not being out with family members or even visiting ones), conflicted with working a day job (while being an actress/poet/musician/writer/potter/sculptor/mime on the side), wanting a vacation from the city (but once away, wishing you were back into the noise, the crowds, the trains, and the oh so lovely smells), or being maxed out (not only monetarily but emotionally and physically as well).

In Transit is way more than “being beneath the city with a thousand other strangers,” it is about the interconnectedness of life, passion, love, dedication, sadness, anger, frustration –it’s a story that not only native New Yorkers should see, but transplants, immigrants, friends, even family members –just to remind us as to why we choose to stay in such a magical place.

In Transit opens October 5th and runs through October 30th at Primary Stages at 59E59 Theatres (59 E. 59th St. between Madison and Park Aves.). For more show info, please visit http://primarystages.org/

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