This Taste Funny…The Cannibal Plays Festival at Shell Theatre


Question: What would you do if in order to save your own life, you had to eat the flesh of another human being? What if it was an 85-year old man? A baby, perhaps?

Presented by Kokopelli Theatre Company and St. Fortune Productions, the new production, This Taste Funny…The Cannibal Plays Festival –which runs through Sunday, October 10th, poses questions like these and many others to bring about intriguing, if not, morally intense and ethically-insane questions.

Done in a succession of short-plays, This Taste Funny…gives a peak into what could happen if you were pitted against life and death and had to choose a life of cannibalism. What if you were in a plane crash and were the only survivor, who would you eat to stay alive? It’s a scary scenario, but we’ve all read the headlines, “Man Eats Flesh to Stay Alive”. We eat the flesh of animals, why not humans? It’s a valid question.

Additionally, other interesting situations are showcased such as our need to follow trends. In one of the funniest segments, Neanderthals are used to convey how friends and family push each another to become something they are not. In this instance, one caveman is kicked out of his tribe because he would not become a cannibal. But what if cannibalism became the latest hipster trend? Would you do it? How about eating processed human meat? Again, we eat animals, why not humans? Essentially, this is a production that parallels life and culture in a way that’s funny, yet uncomfortably intriguing.

This Taste Funny…The Cannibal Plays runs through Sunday, October 10th at Shell Theatre (300 W. 43rd Ste. 403). For schedule info, please visit or

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