Unii Palette

The Unii palette is an attractive, innovative invention that is sometimes hampered by the necessity of practicality. The Unii palette ($29) is a sleek case with one side entirely dedicated to a mirror large enough so you can easily apply makeup to your whole face on the go, and the other to an open, magnetic space for your loose makeup palettes.

The portable container is designed to consolidate items like eye shadows, blushes, bronzers, and other compact cosmetic items. The Unii comes with magnets that can be cut to size and applied to the backs of your loose palettes, and then you stick them into the durable and convenient Unii. There’s a rubber square inside to provide easy grip, and you can label your magnets to avoid confusion as to which palette is your under-eye concealer, and which is your facial concealer.

When I first got the Unii, it seemed like a remarkable idea, especially as a traveler who would love to cut down on beauty clutter. As an
active person, I wasn’t excited about the commitment to create loose palettes of my existing product. The Unii website has an easy to follow, instructional video on how to depot, which is the process of removing makeup from their original packaging. With some patience, I found the Unii useful as it decreases waste and clutter with regular packaging, thus making it eco-friendly.

The Unii palette is ideal for someone who either has loose products or someone who uses makeup exclusively from solid palettes. Or, in my case, someone with a bit more patience!

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