Bonobo with Andreya Triana @ Webster Hall, 11/8/2010


I recently read: “You don’t realize what’s good about a song until you play it for people.” Though I’m not a musician, I’m sure this is a bit of what Simon Green aka Bonobo felt last Monday night here in New York. In support of his latest collection of chilled-out/downtempo beats that is Black Sands, the mega-producer and fellow Ninja Tune artist Andreya Triana had to feel some relief once they blessed the stage at a sold out show at Webster Hall.

Hearing a live version of Black Sands was an interesting sensation, not only because of the sophisticated production and relaxing sounds, but as weed wafted through the air, Bonobo continued to deliver splendidly with a live band that consisted of a drummer, and keyboardist and bass player (himself on a few tunes), as well as a flutist, trumpet player and trombonist. During the hour-and-a-half set, the producer mixed it up with a bit of breakbeat and downtempo numbers, with backing from Ms. Triana on “The Keeper” and “Stay The Same” from his latest LP. Even so, the satisfaction from the crowd was palpable and Bonobo should be proud.

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