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Here We Go Magic

(Secretly Canadian)

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Brooklyn certainly doesn’t have a shortage of creative, emerging acts, which makes it difficult to sort out which ones are worth the time and effort. For that reason alone, I’ll state this simply: Here We Go Magic has the real talent to stand out.

Singer Luke Temple’s vocal tones, delivery, and lyrics are reminiscent of The New Pornographers and Wolf Parade, as the lyrics are lighthearted and rapid fire while still drilling into listeners’ minds. Indie rock and psychedelic synth mingle with other elements that would sound like just noise from any other act. Rather than getting caught up in its ingredients, the band weaves each instrument and sound together into a delicate web, making songs that are dense and become much more than the sum of their parts. Rather than sounding jarring, the delivery is surprisingly mellow and confident.

There is versatility in Here We Go Magic’s album that comes out in an effortless way. “Surprise” feels like it could have been lifted straight out of the ‘70s with its snaky, atmospheric guitar line and quiet, ever-present keyboards. “Old World United” has a punchier delivery and much more notable distortion, particularly on the fuzzy bass.

Overall, Pigeons has an ethereal quality to it, sounding as though it comes from its own unique, dreamy place and time. After garnering praise from luminaries like Thom Yorke, Here We Go Magic is clearly poised to break through and establish its name beyond select indie circles.

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