Home Video: The Automatic Process


Home Video
The Automatic Process
(Defend Music Inc.)

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If you were a fan of Radiohead’s pop side and can’t wait until their next release, be sure to pick up The Automatic Process by Home Video. The album is dreamy at times, starting with the airy and electronic track, “The Smoke,” which is what wandering through the forest with no direction must feel like. I’m quite surprised that this song wasn’t a part of the Alice in Wonderland soundtrack. The song actually sounds quite similar to another track on the album, “Every Love There Ever Was;” Both songs built musically to an electronic precipice before coming back down to Earth. The later even sounds a bit like a Coldplay B-side. But don’t let that sway you – the band makes up for any copycat sounds on title track “The Automatic Process.” Take one part of your favorite drum and bass album and put it together with airy vocals and you will get this pounding track.

While a bit undeveloped in sound, Home Video’s “The Automatic Process” is definitely one to check out.

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