Kings of Leon: Come Around Sundown

Kings of Leon
Come Around Sundown

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Kings of Leon are back with a new album entitled Come Around Sundown.  While reminiscent of their last album, Only By the Night, Sundown brings new elements to the band’s Southern rock dynamic.

Tracks on the album like “Back Down South” develop the band’s Southern sound to it’s finest degree. Country-strummed guitars, a bit of a harmonica, and drawling lyrics about returning back to the South complement one another well. “Beach Side” is a welcome surprise as it sounds a bit more like a Minus the Bear track and a little bit less like our favorite stadium rock tunes. With a pounding backbone and loose lyrics, this song is a comfortable dance vibe that is sure to get you moving.

“The End” is perhaps the most expected track on the album and sounds a bit like an older Muse tune. Grand, atmospheric and full of power, the song packs the punch of a live event in recorded form. The highlight of the album, however, comes in “Pony Up,” a track that sounds more focused on guitar effects and interesting rhythms than anything else. The track also features sharp lyrics and a blues feel.

For fans of previous Kings of Leon albums, you’ve probably already picked up Come Around Sundown. But if you’re still on the fence, let “Pony Up” direct you the nearest cashier for purchase.

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