La Otracina: Reality Has Got to Die


La Otracina
Reality Has Got to Die
(Holy Mountain)

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Brooklyn-based band La Otracina is a battering ram of the heaviest of hard rock. The earth-shaking force of soulful fury pushes even the boundaries of genres like prog and space rock. Featuring Adam Kriney, Evan Sobel and Philippe Ortanez, the heavy-footed rawness of this three-piece ensemble is extraordinary. There is an intense mix of classic heavy echoes of doomsday emotive styles, 70s blues metal, and the unapologetic attitude of punk. At times, the guitar arrangements break out into a mystified utopia of sprawling solos. Other times, the drums sound like a fist fighting brawl with someone much stronger than you. 

“Can’t Take No City Life” is a burned-out, rock-fused escapist tirade of musical dynamics. Genre-bending, musically-superior and unconventional, Reality Has Got to Die, is a knock down, drag out fight, in which the listener is left devastated, but ready for more each time. 

With riotous pompousness and unyielding funk, La Otracina is hard to wrestle down to form and that is the album’s wonderment. It is full of all the stellar qualities or hardcore rambunctious attitude made by musicians who are extremely fitted in the fortitude of hard rock music, sonic rebellion and pushing the limits of convention.

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