Living Days: Make Out Room Vol. 1

Living Days
Make Out Room Vol. 1

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From the first notes of Living Days’ new album, Make Out Room Vol. 1, the band sounds like it could fill any club in the ‘80s with atmospheric keyboards and bass that would do Joy Division’s Peter Hook proud. 

Singer Stephonik Youth is as captivating as her stage name, her voice deep and rich enough that she can occupy an androgynous range similar to Robert Smith or Ric Ocasek. Though the band certainly has a vintage sound, there’s something about the members’ energy that is completely modern. There’s no hesitation before the songs become a bit heavier or more electronic, even gothic, all while still employing some upbeat pop sensibility. 

At just five songs, Make Out Room, Vol. 1 feels entirely too brief, giving you a taste of a band that’s surely on-the-rise. As moody, electro-influenced acts like The XX and La Roux retain popularity, Living Days will, no doubt, find its niche beyond its New York roots. This band has a cool attitude and the right mix of new and old to make a lingering impression. Hopefully they’ll hit the studio and come out with a full-length release sooner, rather than later.

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