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Pete Yorn
Pete Yorn
(Vagrant Records)

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When you have Frank Black of The Pixies producing your work, chances are you’re doing something right. Of course, nobody has to tell Pete Yorn that. After nearly a decade-long career, he certainly knows what it takes to remain a successful, respected presence in the industry.

Though his last album, the 2009 collaboration with Scarlett Johansson entitled Break Up, received mixed reviews, this self-titled record sees Yorn return to the kind of rock that can be respected among professionals like Black or appreciated by young people just turning on the radio and looking for a distraction from the same old pop music.

Yorn doesn’t always write music that necessarily needs to be deeply contemplated to be appreciated, as indicated by his ode to childhood, “Velcro Shoes,” which focuses on exactly what the title states. This side of Yorn is very straightforward, with electric guitar and vocals, which seem to come from the gut as much as the throat.

The lyrics on these tracks can get personal, but the music keeps everything moving smoothly, transitioning nicely to give the whole record an upbeat energy. “Rock crowd, throw your arms around me,” Yorn sings on “Rock Crowd.” He certainly has earned his right to receive just such a reception for this album.

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