Spokes: Everyone I Ever Met


Everyone I Ever Met
(Counter Records)

These days, the North of England is generating just as many great bands as London, with the new band Spokes being of no exception. This five-piece band takes progressive post-rock along the lines of Mogwai, throws in some violin, and tops it with urgent male and female vocals that are reminiscent of Arcade Fire. The layers of each song sound almost fragile when isolated, but they stack together to form noise that teeters on the edge of chaos. Rhythm barely wins out, but it’s clear with their new album, Everyone I Ever Met, that the audience is in the presence of a group who knows what they’re doing. 

“We Can Make It Out,” the album’s opener, is a catchy little sing-a-long of a track, making it the obvious pick for a single from the album. It displays the band’s powerful force without being overwhelming. “Peace Racket” is another stand-out track with its sprawling instrumentation and sparse backing vocals, which create a clatter that still manages to sound beautiful. 

Serenity and chaos are not contradictions when it comes to the sound of Spokes. Everyone I Ever Met deserves recognition, not only in Britain, but across the pond as well.

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