Syd Barrett: An Introduction to Syd Barrett


Syd Barrett
An Introdution to Syd Barrett

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The often mysterious, but always intriguing story of Syd Barrett has birthed some wild rumors about the original Pink Floyd leader. Though with the release of a new album, An Introduction to Syd Barrett, the man’s mystery might deepen slightly, his songwriting genius becomes more apparent. 

The disc begins with early Floyd tunes, like the infamous “Arnold Layne,” “See Emily Play,” “Apples and Oranges,” and a 2010 mix of “Matilda Mother.” Each of these songs are wrapped around Syd’s amazing ability to create almost nursery rhyme word play and underrated Floyd member Rick Wright’s amazing organ leads. 

Later, we get into Syd’s solo stuff from The Madcap Laughs and Barrett albums, both featuring David Gilmour on a multitude of instruments (he executive produced Introduction as well). Most of these later tunes were simply Barrett meandering on his acoustic with tracks added later to try to flesh out what are simply demos. Highlights include “Dark Globe,” “Octopus,” which features interesting vocals that try to keep pace with an odd meter, the famous “Dominoes” (another 2010 mix), a full-band read on “Baby Lemonade” and the absolutely stunningly sardonic “Bob Dylan Blues” where Barrett sums up the music business. 

With artwork by longtime Floyd associate Storm Thorgerson, An Introduction to Syd Barrett, does indeed serve as a good introduction to this songwriting genius.

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