The Scratch: D.I.Y.


The Scratch
Ponyland Records

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It seems strange to re-release an album that was originally released only seven years ago, but when a band like The Scratch are doing so well in their native UK, maybe it is time to give their debut the ol’ re-master treatment. Though few people in the US are familiar with this band, they’ve earned five number one hit singles in the UK.

It’s that old story again though: a British band gets big at home, but find it difficult to crack into the American market. Blur were mega-stars at home, but are only known for one kind of wacky single in the U.S., which most critics attribute to their quintessential British-ness. The Scratch, I fear, may follow that same path, as they also sound pretty damn British.

The Scratch wear their musical influences on their sleeves. D.I.Y. kicks off with the awesome “I Relax to Spiral Scratch,” a tribute to the Buzzcocks. “Erotomaniac” sounds like Marc Bolan came back from the dead to lay down the vocals. “Alcohol’s a Depressant” is a particularly addictive glam rock gem with the great line, “Alcohol is a depressant but it helps me relieve my aggression.”

The album falters a bit though with the inclusion of several Madchester/Acid-House songs, which make the album feel completely uneven. Just be warned, The Scratch are more like two bands in one.

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