THE SEX FILES: Pussification Redux

I was having a perfectly crappy day and then I did my reading for this column, my daily round up of sexual happenings and now I’m pissed off.

It’s all your fault. If I hadn’t been ever vigilant trying to gather good content for SEX FILES I’d stay perfectly blissful in my ignorance!

Sorry I wasn’t really yelling at you, it’s just that…

In a report I just read about sexual addiction (one of my latest pet peeves)

Alexandra Katehakis, a licensed marriage and family therapist, was remarking on how  her solo LA practice grew into the Center for Healthy Sex, in large part to recent sex addiction cases.

“Celebrities have been the greatest evangelists for treatment. My practice wouldn’t exist without them,” she claims

Katehakis and many therapists like her sight the recent Tiger Woods case in the growing American epidemic, despite the fact that so far, sex addiction has yet to be listed in the American Psychiatric Associations Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

Dr. Kafka, a Boston-area psychiatrist and leader in the research of compulsive sexual behavior said “there is serious disagreement in the scientific community over whether humans could be addicted to sex in the same way they could be to alcohol or drugs.”

“That’s not to say that in the next decade that there won’t be … an empirical scientific backing for withdrawal and tolerance, but it’s just not there now,” Kafka noted.

Avoiding Kafka’s concerns, Chief Exec of Elements Behavioral Health, a company hoping to offer both celebs and layman treatment said, in what has got to be the best quote I read on this: “You have a backlog of people who need this treatment, and all of a sudden through a celebrity they have become aware that something can be done.”

I can’t write stuff that ironic, I really can’t!

As I have been postulating from the beginning of this seemingly cause célèbre disease, I believe sex addiction is another attempt at the further pussyfication of the American male. An off-shoot of the sickening P.C. behavior we have been witness to the last 20 years or so (around the time the very un P.C. pres Clinton took office), emasculating the American man is the sport of modern times. Watch Everybody Loves Raymond and its ilk and tell me you’re not sickened by all the harpies. Steel your nerve to catch one of Oprah’s make-over shows’ where some terribly put upon girlfriend or wife has their seemingly out-of-date hubby come in to get a new hair cut and clothes by some self appointed fashion stylist and see if you don’t puke! As the audience cheers the man’s make-over (an audience of almost 100 % women) and Oprah yells like a foghorn, does anybody ever consider the backlash had this been men prompting and cheering for their women’s makeover?

The point is; we subjugate the American male to humiliating televised makeovers and adult-male-as-little-boy portrayals in our sitcoms and labeling a simple biological imperative as a disease.

And nobody but me is screaming about it!

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