Belle & Sebastian: Write About Love


Belle & Sebastian
Write About Love
(Matador Records)

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Fans of Belle & Sebastian likely have their expectations in place for Write About Love. Making another flawless and comforting album like Tigerlily is not easy to do, yet they seem to have made yet another beautiful album. Write About Love is a stellar album in it’s own right; but if you want to compare it to the band’s prolific discography, things might start to fall apart. Let’s just say their new album is different, but also kind of the same. 

Standout tracks include “I Can See Your Future,” featuring a brass section and breathless lyrics. (Ah, Belle & Sebastian fans have come to live by those breathless vocals!) Another highlight track, “Read the Blessed Pages” is calm and reposed. The song is reminiscent of more of a Sufjan Stevens track, but it still fits into the overall image of the album. Getting a bit disco, “Come on Sister” helps to frame the album as more and tells the tale of a classic rock romance featuring the girl that everyone loves and how dumb the singer is for looking at her as a movie star. Listeners really can’t help but wonder where the romance lands. Few songs cause that type of query anymore. The most useful song on the album is “Sunday’s Pretty Icons.” The track fits the band’s musical canon more than any other track on the album, igniting a trip down memory lane.

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