Elika: Snuggle Bunnies

Snuggle Bunnies
(Automatic Entertainment)

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If anyone were to not take Elika’s album, Snuggle Bunnies, seriously due to the cute title, all it would take is a single listen to change their mind. The Brooklyn-based duo offers a collection of sophisticated, layered tracks that perfectly balance physical instruments with digital accompaniment. Singer Evangelia Maravelias’ voice is oddly reminiscent of Madonna, with the gentle lilt of her voice effortlessly floating through the songs and making even the saddest lyrics about heartbreak sound beautiful and catchy. 

Maravelias and Brian Wenckebach create a sonic world that seems dark, but hopeful, packed with dimension, but without sounding too dense. Somewhere between shoegaze, indie and electronica vocals, Elika’s sound is as much art as it is straightforward. It’s easy to connect to the pain within the lyrics, but it’s just as likely that you’ll find yourself nodding along to the strong beat. 

Treat yourself to the single “Summer,” the first track on the record, and there’s no doubt that you’ll want to delve into the rest. The best track though is the closer, “Tidal Wave,” which has lyrics that sound as lost and adrift as the title while loud, distorted electric guitar kicks up only to flow in and out like water along the shoreline. While every element of Snuggle Bunnies was dictated by the band, from the writing process to the production, the result is a sparkling example of a creative accomplishment.

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