Games: That We Can Play EP


That We Can Play EP
(Hippos In Tanks)

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Oh, what a glorious ode to all the best things about 80’s pop: a little synth, bouncing melodic lyrics, with almost every track sounding like it should roll with the ending credits of a Brat Pack movie—but in a good way, I promise. Daniel Lopatin (aka Oneohtrix Point Never) merged with his longtime childhood friend Joel Ford of Tigercity to bring us Games. That We Can Play, their first release, is seventeen minutes of electronic joy. 

“Planet Party” is the third track and at only 2:46 it’s a dizzying blend of sounds and wispy vocals that wane in and out of the violent beats perfectly. It builds quickly and stops abruptly nearly demanding you to punch repeat without even thinking about it. Though it’s a clear favorite, a close second is “Midi Drift.” The vocals on this track take such a distant backseat that you barely even know they are there. “Midi Drift,” a rollercoaster-of-sound that is a bit darker than “Planet Party,” has an almost visceral feeling and is the climax of the record. 

Every song is good, at the very least and it’s a great dance party record in the making. Hopefully a full-length album will be out soon as, quite frankly, I want to hear more!

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